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19th of August 2010

19. srpna si mne můžete poslechnout na Českém rozhlase2- Praze v pořadu Host do domu od 11:00.

Článek z rozhovoru a záznam .....mp3

17th of August 2010

Přestěhování znamená i první trénink pro psí smečku.

The movement mean also the first training for dog team.

16th of August 2010

Po mnoha odkladech jsem se konečně přestěhovala na letní byt. Přece jenom život bez počítače, televize, elektřiny, vany a podobných vymožeností si člověk může lehce odpustit :-) i když to může vypadat velice romanticky.

After many postponements, I finally moved to the summer house. The life without computer, television, electricity, baths and similar conveniences can one easily no miss :-) even that it looks very romantic.

16th of August 2010

Moje nové štěňátko Arnhild trénuje v Altě pobyt v přepravím boxíku. Už za čtrnáct dní poletí do Čech.

My new puppy girl Arnhild training staing in transport box. She will fly to Czech in 14 days.

Puppies and that big blue one it is not cute puppy but cute Arnt :-)

15th of August 2010

Plstíci odpoledne, venku prší tak co jiného by se dalo dělat...

Felting afternoon, it is raining outsite well we have nice program what to do...

10-16th of August 2010

Letní návštěvníci Marťa a Tanu a Pepíno z Krkonoš...

The summer visitors Martina and Tanu, and Pepeeno...

12th of August 2010

Nové jmenovky do psince...

New nameplates for summer dog kennel..

10th of August 2010

Jak jsem se učila na dřevorubce...

It is a few photos from today, when I took basic course of wood cutting :-)

8th of August 2010

Letní návštěvníci Hanušovi...

The summer visitors Hanuš family...

6-7th of August 2010

Je tu povodeň, tisíciletá voda...ale my jsme na kopci a v bezpečí...

There's a flood, the millennial water ... but we're on the hill, and safe ...

1st of August 2010

Lucka Wegnerová na návštěvě :-)

My friend Lucka Wegnerova during her visit here :-)

1st of August 2010

Psi v létě, fotky od Lucky...

Dogs in summer. Photos from Lucka...

1st of August 2010

Moje kytičky...

My flowers...

1st of August 2010

Tento víkend je u nás na návštěvě Lucka Wegnerová a tak vesele plstíme, kecáme a užíváme si pejsky...Tyto a jiné haskounky si můžete u Lůci objednat ZDE

My friend Lucka Wegnerova is in my place for visit. We have a good time together producing felted huskies, talking and enjoy dogs around... Facebook

25th of July 2010

Přihlásila jsem se na závod Femundlopet 600km. , List of competitors

I signed in the race Femundlopet 600km.

28th of July 2010

Když jsem byla pryč, tak Radek se Zdeňkem posekali trávu na letním psinci. Moc děkuji Pacltovým i celé rodině Šebestových za výpomoc. Na podzim, to tu vypadalo, že tu už nikdy tráva neporoste a teď byla vysoká skoro i metr a půl...

During the time I have been travel around the World, my friends cuted the grass in my summer kennel. Many thanks to all of them...

26-27th of July 2010
Alta- Oslo Gardemoen- Oslo Sandefjord Torp- Praha
The view to training trail around Alta


25th of July 2010

Before I left I got to eat something very special, traditional norwegian food. I didn´t understand why Arnt is making so many photos of me to eat it and why Hege is still asking if I really like it...Well I can understand it now, because I found on airport bookstore book telling a lot:

Lutefisk is fish steeped in lut ( or lye) until it has a consistency, smell and taste in class by itself. Foreigners are advised not to eat lutefisk, because no one likes lutefisk unless one has eaten it, more or less regularly, for about 90 years. For the same reason, they are very few Norwegians who like lutefisk. Even so, the reason why tutefisk is sold and eaten in such great quantities in Norway may have something to do with national obstinacy and fact that it is regarded as having a certain pedagogical value: Children are supposed to learn to suffer in silence, and accustom themselves to The Vicissitudes of Life: If you can manage to swallow lutefisk, you can also manage to swallow The Disappoitments of Life ( unhappy love affairs, broken dreams, annulled sales contracts, etc.)

From Arnt:

Correction to your homepage: Not lutefisk but boknafisk. Lutefisk is made from fulldried cod, drenched in lye, while Boknafisk is half dried cod with no other prosess than putting it to salted water before eating... Next time we will serve lutefisk! ;)

25th of July 2010
Arnt´s puppies, 4 boys and 4 girls. One of thise girls is waitig to go to Czech and to be my new great leader...her name is Arnhild
You can still contact Arnt to get information about this great puppies on his e-mail: or on his FB profile with many photos of puppies


25th of July 2010
Alta river not frozen yet...


24--25th of July 2010
Sauna party in Roger´s place

23th of July 2010
Great afternoon to visit Harald Tunheim


23-24th of July 2010
Girls trip to hytte

22th of July 2010
Wow, a new golf center is here...

The training trail out from Kvenvikmoen...

22th of July 2010


21th of July 2010


21th of July 2010


21th of July 2010


21th of July 2010


21th of July 2010


20-21th of July 2010


21th of July 2010
The seasite in Hammernes


20th of July 2010

For 8000years, every single Norwegian lived in his very own fjord or on his very own mountain, surrounded only by his closest family. In other words: For 8000 years the Norwegian had no one to talk with apart from members of his closest family- and what does one talk with them about, when one has been with them day and night for 8000 years? For this reason, the Norwegian was completely silent for 8000 years. After 8000 years, the Norwegian saw other people ( neighbours) for the first time, but from a very great distance- on the other mountine, or on the other site of the fjord. So he began to communicate with them, but, because of the distance, this also had to be rather berief: " Go away!"

20th of July 2010

19-25th of July 2010

The Summer Finnmarkslopet

19th of July 2010
Praha- Oslo Sandefjord, Oslo Gardemoen- Kirkenes

My trip to Norway, here are some informations from book :

Previously, until a few years ago, it was customary for the Norwegian to be born with skis on his feet. But one of the improvements that has been made is that this is no longer the case. Modern research has revealed, in fact, that this could be very unconfortable and, to some extent, dangerous to the mother. For this reason, in our day, the Norwegians is not equipped with skis on his feet until sometime durring the first year of life. Another chance/ improvement, as far as skis are concerned, in the fact that the Norwegian is now able to take them off, as required, for. ex., in enclosed space such as planes, in smaller railway stations, in public toilets and similar places.

19th of July 2010

Ready to go...

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